elerGreen receives international recognition as PERUMIN Finalist in Environment and Sustainability category, for mining waste recovery

September 16, 2022

elerGreen becomes Finalist in PERUMIN Competition 35, in the category of Environment and Sustainability, for meeting various UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with its project titled Recovery of metals from tailings using elerGreen Reactor.

PERUMIN Competition was born from the alliance between the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (IIMP) and the Mining Innovation Hub of Peru. In this edition of PERUMIN Hub, 20 mining companies and more than 60 partners from 14 countries have participated.

PERUMIN Competition aims to encourage the development of innovative solutions that respond to specific challenges in the mining industry, facilitate the consolidation of innovations through collaboration, and recognize successful innovations and promote their commercial take-off in the sector.

Further information can be found at the Press Release by PERUMIN Hub titled “Meet the 15 innovative projects that went to the final stage” at:



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