Hui Huang Hoe is the inventor of the novel electrochemical polymer production process. As the top student from the University of Toronto, Canada, he holds Master and Bachelor (High Honours) degrees in Chemical Engineering, with certified background in Engineering Business. Having specialization in Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, he is a serial inventor in green elctrochemistry with the following international (PCT) patent track records:

  1. Hui Huang Hoe and Hui Ming Hoe. “ELECTROCHEMICAL POLYMER PRODUCTION” U.S. Provisional Patent  62/815,574, March 8, 2019. PCT Patent PCT/MY2020/050012, March 8, 2020.
  2. Hui Huang Hoe and Donald W. Kirk. ” ELECTROCHEMICAL CARBON DIOXIDE UTILIZATION” U.S. Provisional Patent 62/374,124, August 12, 2016. PCT Patent PCT/CA2017/050948, August 11, 2017.