Induction of elerGreen into Innovation Asset Collective (IAC) community expected to foster innovation and IP leverage for Canadian SMEs.

July 19, 2021

Effective July 19, 2021, elerGreen is formally a member in the Innovation Asset Collective (IAC), thanks to courtesy of IAC for the invitation.

IAC assists Canadian Small and Medium -sized Enterprises (SMEs), especially in the cleantech sectors, to better leverage Intellectual Property (IP) to grow and scale. Such support by IAC include access to expertise and potential funding to generate, protect and grow their IP as their fruits of innovation.

elerGreen is honored for the invitation and would like express gratitude to IAC for such recognition of elerGreen’s work in cleantech entrepreneurship, innovation and IP development. As IP-rich cleantech company, elerGreen strives to contribute back to IAC community including feedback on IP expertise and potential utilization of elerGreen’s technology. elerGreen also expects to bring in its connection to IAC community for mutually beneficial collaborations or partnerships.

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