Incubation to house elerGreen Reactor aims to take elerGreen to the next stage while supporting Parkdale mandate.

November 12, 2021

elerGreen proceeds to next stage as a member startup incubated by Parkdale Centre of Innovation at 1464 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Parkdale Centre of Innovation is an incubator & accelerator that supports entrepreneurs to start and grow their business, with a focus on equity, accessibility, and inclusion for underrepresented people, namely women, Black, Indigenous, people of color, and newcomers to Canada.

The incubation of elerGreen at Parkdale focuses to build, house and operate elerGreen’s proprietary moving electrode reactor for electrochemical polymer, metals and chemicals production. Notably, the project may involve field-testing and selling elerGreen Reactor to convert mine tailings waste into valuable metals together with Canadian and Peruvian mining/metallurgy companies, funded by Canadian government.

Throughout the incubation, elerGreen aims to reciprocate Parkdale support with mutually beneficial collaboration and partnerships by introducing elerGreen’s expertise and connection to the Parkdale community.

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